Welcome to the online presence of Koenigs Klassik car radios.

As a leading company for classic car radios, we offer you:
· the first car radio museum ·
· a unique radio and spare parts depot ·
 · a large reference radio and accessory archive ·
 · radios in a superb state ·
 · our radios are restored by master craftsmen ·

1995 we have purchased the entire stock of classic radios and other classic spare parts from
the Becker car radio plant and as
an authorized Becker partner we are the leading specialist in the restoration of classic car radios not only by the Becker car radio plant, but of all kinds.

NEW: On our German blog you can delve into the history of car radios and furthermore read interesting information as well as helpful tutorials on classic car radios. Latest addition: The golden rules of interference suppression in vehicles. A visit is definitely worth it: Königs Klassik-Radios - Blog

Our business and shop will be closed from July 15th to 31st, 2024.
During that time, there won't be any shipping.
Visit us at the car radio museum in Haan [42781 Haan, Elberfelder Strasse 5
, Germany].

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