Becker Mexico Cassette Stereo for Mercedes Benz 600

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Very rare Becker Mexico Cassette stereo for Mercedes Benz 600, 600 Pullmann and Landaulet (W100)
with the DIN cut out, 180 x 55 mms - up from 1973.

These radio were installed in Mercedes Benz 600 with a separating glas or found in governmental vehicles or iron claded cars.
AM, FM frequency range 88-108 Mhz, stereo, with cassette  and automatic search, power output 5/7 watts, loudspeakers 4 ohms.

This equipment is very rare and was produced by Becker only on special request in small series and is designed for Mercedes 600, 600 Pullman and 600 Landaulet.
Also in a few W109.

The radios are overhauled and optically and technically set in the original state and come together with face, knobs, fitting and operating instructions and have 2 years warranty.

Note for the cassette drives:

The Historical Becker Cassette Drives are built for a maximum of 60 min cassette brands!
90 min cassettes are not recommended!


At an additional cost we fit a suitable adapter cable to connect a walk-, discman, MP3, or iPod (+ 22.00 Euro).




Delivery times for radios: The restauration of the ordered radios starts after payment received. We guarantee that the set matches optically and technically as shown on the picture. Also new sets which are coming out of old stock has to be technically overhauled because of age. The handling time is shown next to the picture.