Becker Europa pinstripe with DIN dimensions for vehicles with enlarged radio slot

Item number: 10130

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Becker Europa pinstripe radio with DIN dimensions.

For vehicles where the original radio slot was enlarged from 4.2 x 18.0 cm to DIN 5.2 x 18.0 cm!

For Mercedes Benz vehicles W110, 111, W112 and W113 (version 230 and 250 SL) with enlarged radio opening!

With the special small radio knobs.

Unit mono with LMKUU, pre-select buttons.

Frequency band FM 88-103 Mhz, The output power is 5/7 watts - 4 ohms.

Delivery includes mounting kit, installation and operating instructions.

Completely restored original device (visually and technically) .


At an additional cost we fit a suitable adapter cable to connect a walk-, discman, MP3, or iPod (+ 22.00 Euro).

Upon request, we also deliver all buttons with FM (cost-free). Please note when ordering under "special requests".