Becker Grand Prix CD Avantgarde root wood-design

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Becker Grand Prix CD Avantgarde with root wood-design for Mercedes Benz and other Youngtimer from 1995 on.

RDS, FM, MW, LW, Autostore, LCD multi-color display, 48 station presents

CD Section:
Full-logic control, 1-Bit-D/A-Changer, track filter, random play

4x20 watt, s
eparate bass-/treble- and fader control, Dual-Pre-Out

ETC - Easy-to-Control softkey menu control, removable control panel, security code, CD changer control, IN-ISO connector, connection for 15-stage GAL

The radio is overhauled and optically and technically set in the original state and
come together with face, knobs, operating instructions .