Becker Mexico 2330 black design

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Becker Mexico Cassette Electronic 2330 with black design for cars from 1995 on.

Twin tuner, RDS, UKW, MW, LW, KW (6 Band), Autostore LCD-Multicolour-Display, 70 station presets

Full-Logic, Auto Reverse, Title Scan and Search, Dolby B+C

4x20 Watts, separate Bass and Treble Memory for each Mode, Dual-Pre-Out, User-specific programming options             

Other Features:
Softkey menu control, removable control panel, security code, CD changer control, DIN-ISO connector, Remote control (remote control is not included) connection for 15-stage GAL
The radio is overhauled and optically and technically set in the original state and
come together with face, knobs, operating instructions .


At an additional cost we fit a suitable adapter connection to connect a walk-, discman, MP3, or iPod (+ 50.00 Euro).