Becker Avus for Mercedes Benz and Universal 80s in retro design.

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Becker Avus

For Mercedes Benz vehicles of the 80s and universally usable.

With normal DIN cutout 180x55 mm, still in the classic retro pinstripe design.

This is the last production of analog radios in the classic design.

These models belonged to the Becker race track series and were manufactured at that time only in small numbers, very rare.

Device mono with AM and FM, without pre-select buttons, frequency band FM 88-108 Mhz. the output power is 20 watts, 2 speaker outputs - 4 ohms.

Delivery includes mounting kit, installation and operating instructions.

Completely restored original device (visually and technically) .


At an additional cost we fit a suitable adapter cable to connect a walk-, discman, MP3, or iPod (+ 22.00 Euro).
Upon request, we also deliver all buttons with FM (cost-free). Please note when ordering under "special requests".